AlwaysReady Ni-MH Rechargeable AAAx4 800Mah

Main Features

    ?   Low self-discharge rate
    ?   High capacity and excellent performance
    ?   Long cycles life
    ?   No mercury and cadmium added to the formulation

Major Applications

         Telecommunications, Transceivers, Cordless Phones, Gauges, Calculators, Electric Toys, Searchlight, Electric Razors and Portable Electronic Devices.

 Battery Details
 Chemistry  Camelion Model   Size  Voltage Weight  Dimension  Capacity
NI-MH NH-AAA1100AR AAA 1.2V 15.5g 10.5  x 44.5 mm 1100mAh 
NI-MH NH-AAA900AR AAA 1.2V 14g 10.5  x 44.5 mm  900mAh 
NI-MH NH-AAA800AR AAA 1.2V 13g 10.5  x 44.5 mm 800mAh
NI-MH NH-AAA600AR AAA 1.2V 11.5g 10.5 x 44 .5 mm  600mAh 
NI-MH NH-AAA300AR AAA 1.2V 9g 10.5 x 44 .5 mm 300mAh